Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Chicago Ccreative Writing

(Copy and paste your story starter here) On the flight from Auckland to chicago , Mr Goodwin won a prize. At least that’s what the Flight attendant told him as she gave him a Parachute. “B...b..but I don’t want to p..par..parachute” Mr Goodwin stammered. “Nonsense! You’ll love it” responded the Flight Attendant as she helped Mr Goodwin buckle into the parachute. As soon as the pack went click, the flight attendant opened the door of the aeroplane and simply said “Enjoy your fall”. As he was falling Mr Goodwin… was screaming with his high voice like a girl and he land at Chicago and he saw me at McDonald's and he gave me same USD money and we got to Mc Donalds and he gave me same more $100USD money and i flew back to Auckland and went to Sylvia Park to buy me some Air Jordan Nike shoes.

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