Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Beast Boy

Beast Boy was looking for Robin  he was so upset and he was so sad Because he was lost and he was the cool Boy.he went to coll his team. The Avengers. And he was the man.

They fawn  him with a Ruby Ball and he was standing thea bored at the back yag and he was the man .


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  2. Loseti malo e lelei ko hoku hingo'a ko Sateki,in english Loseti kia ora my name is Sateki. I'm in your because I heard that your work has been really great!! I really like work and your art.

    here some words you can work on fawn/found, coll/call, thea/their and ruby/rugby. I don't know if you were rushing or something just re-read before you post thxs

    From sateki