Friday, 17 June 2016

loseti and miss king and aj

Once upon a time a taniwha came out  of the water the taniwha was  scary . the Boy Waik to the water . and the Boy  was  sow a bou  dan he sat on the bou. Dan he sol  sam fish.   And   he grae to the ad sied of the waki . and he cilinga fish.   He was scad of the taniwha.

Once upon a time a taniwha came out of the water, the taniwha was scary. Tamarereti walked to the water and he saw a wake. Then he sat in the waka and he caught some fish. He went to the other side of the lake and cooked the fish. Because it was nighttime Tamarereti was scared of the taniwha.

Shiny pebbles` the boy siad wow

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